Projects and Workshops

BlueFire HR, a FutureSense Service offers strategic and operational human resources (HR) solutions for many organizations. From OnCall HR, organizational development, change management to workforce planning we can get you to the next level. If you are looking for a HR thought leader that understands your business needs and can help you find ways for HR to support the business efficiently, BlueFire HR is your ideal partner. Below is a list of services BlueFire HR offers.

Investigations & Expert Witness Needs – Have you had numerous complaints or simply one that needs a thorough investigation with extensive research, recommendations, and later coaching and training? BlueFire HR prides itself with extensive experience in many investigations and can put your mind at ease and reduce your risk. Also, if you ever need an expert witness, BlueFire HR can assist you quickly and easily with our extensive experience.

Anti-Harassment Training & Train the Trainer Classes – Support your team with Anti-Harassment Training for both staff and managers. Help your team navigate these new waters and lower your risk immediately. Schedule BlueFire HR to coach your organization today!

BlueFire HR, a FutureSense Service is now offering Train-the-Trainer classes on Anti-Harassment Training. This offering includes:
• Manager Training with skills practices (60 minutes)
• Staff Training with skills practices (60 minutes)
• A train-the-trainer session on how to conduct these sessions
• OnCall HR Mentor to talk through issues that arise for up to one year
• Ability to brand your sessions the way you want
• All materials are yours to keep and use year over year.

The HR Scan – Do you need a basic HR operations audit to ensure you can support your growing organization? The BlueFire HR Scan can help. BlueFire HR reviews your methods, processes, and compliance standards with the result in recommended changes – ensuring that you are on the right track and aren’t missing anything that should be covered by HR. The HR Scan includes a review of : talent management processes, onboarding and exiting; payroll practices; employee policies, procedures and records; performance management and employee relations; and overall HR operations. The outcome of this project is a full HR operations analysis that identifies gaps and mitigates costs associated with risk.

Strategic Planning – Every leadership team needs help to find common ground. BlueFire HR’s strategic planning approach gives opportunity for all leadership team voices to be heard, helps to align organizational objectives, all to achieve maximum business results. BlueFire HR will assist your organization in focusing on long term goals and help to align development strategies to get there.

Tailored Workshops – Do you know if your managers know how to manage? Do your employees understand your employee policies? Have you addressed harassment or feel you must? Look no further, BlueFire HR can tailor a myriad of workshops for your organization. Workshop topics may include: Manager 101; Title IX; Employee Handbook and Policy Review; Creating a Respectful Workplace (Harassment Training); Service Excellence; Performance Management; Interviewing for the Right Fit; and Teambuilding.

Handbooks and Policies – Do you just need an ideal handbook or policies that work with your culture and create the perfect balance between what you must convey to your staff and would you like to convey to your staff? Are you concerned that your policies might be right in one state, but you don’t have the time to keep up with the ever changing laws in another, say California or Illinois? Look no further, BlueFire HR can help. Ideal Handbooks and Policies include:  compliance at both at the federal and state levels; tailored policies to fit your culture; and training to help current and new employees understand their rights and benefits as outlined in the handbook.  Purchase it as a full handbook or policy content for your website, the choice is up to you.

Performance Management – Are your managers communicating with your employees about their performance? Do you have a performance management strategy and process in place to ensure equity in performance feedback and goal setting? Do you know if your employees understand how their role supports the strategic plan and is key to growing and supporting the company? Or do you simply need a refresher to a performance management process already in place? BlueFire HR offers extensive support in performance management to include strategy, process design, communication, and training. Make it your own with BlueFire HR, we can tailor anything to fit your needs and ensure maximum impact.

Compensation Strategy & Alignment – In many organizations compensation is the biggest cost, but are you managing it appropriately? Creating a compensation strategy or even developing a grading system that aligns with job descriptions is a daunting task, but if you haven’t set it up you could be over paying employees. BlueFire HR will develop a compensation strategy, align your job descriptions, set-up bands and/or grades, or simply make sure you are paying appropriately within the market. Be competitive today with BlueFire HR.

Behavioral and Skill Based Competencies – Has your organization identified behavioral and skill based competencies? Help employees identify the behaviors, knowledge, skills, and abilities that can positively affect their success and the organization’s. Once identified for your organization whether by department, positions or overall, competencies can be objectively measured, enhanced, and improved through coaching and learning opportunities.

Employee Engagement & Innovation – As your company grows keep your pulse on employee engagement and ensure you are inspiring innovation. An engaged employee will help to advance your company farther than you can imagine. Getting feedback from your employees, the heart of the organization, is key to your success. Employee engagement and innovation projects include: tailored innovation programs to inspire, engage, and encourage inspirations; customized employee engagement surveys, survey management and distribution; analytical and a solutions based reporting, helping to identify areas of focus; and improvement plans and coaching.

Workforce Planning and Organizational Re-Design – Have you looked at the data and know the percentage of employees that can and may retire within the next 5 to 10 years? Do you have a plan of how you will replace that knowledge and experience to ensure you won’t lose a moment of momentum? Do you need to redesign the workforce structure to better align with the strategic vision or growing your company? BlueFire HR has extensive experience in workforce planning and re-design. From a simple workforce plan analysis to a company restructuring BlueFire HR is your partner.

Outplacement and Career Transition Services – Is your company looking for a partner to help transition those affected by a recent restructuring? Or have you personally been transitioned out of your position or your position has been eliminated? BlueFire HR has created an extensive outplacement program to help find the ideal your find your next career move and help those affected by restructuring.

The Complete HR Suite – As a business leader it may feel like you are juggling too many things at one time. That said, HR operations are probably the last thing on your mind. Do you know if you comply with all your HR services? Have you met the ever changing federal and state guidelines and laws? Are you missing anything? Not Sure? The Complete HR Suite might be right for you. The Complete HR Suite includes: Talent Management Solutions – Overall process development, applications and forms; Onboarding Solutions – Process development, tailored onboarding manuals, new hire forms, payroll/HRIS set-up, and a federal/state compliant employee handbook; and HR Operations Compliance and Process Audit – Audit all of your HR operations to ensure your HR compliance needs are met.

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