BlueFire HR, , a FutureSense Service is offers extensive Outplacement Services to meet all your organization’s needs.

Many companies are faced with making workforce cuts, downsizing or outsourcing internal functions. Outplacement can provide employees with specialized career support to assist in moving to new employment smoother and faster.

Employees affected by layoffs or downsizing can feel abandoned or lost in the process and certainly unsure of what to do next. Outplacement services can be a lifeline extended to employees to guide them through finding a new position.

BlueFire HR, a FutureSense Service is here to help you with transition planning and implementation and we offer these services for affected employees:

  • Resume and cover letter development and writing
  • Career assessments
  • Interview scheduling and preparation
  • Professional networking and introductions
  • Career guidance sessions and coaching
  • Matching skills with area employers
  • Access to career-retraining and education.

For more information, please contact us at hr@bluefirehr.com, 773-793-1362.