Executive & Career Coaching

BlueFire HR Consulting offers both Executive and Career Coaching for many individuals and organizations.

BlueFire HR believes that an individual cannot change who they are, but with our assistance they can learn to shift their behavior for more effective communication and overall increased performance. BlueFire HR utilizes tailored techniques aiding each client in achieving their expected and needed outcomes. BlueFire HR will also work each client on skills sustainable over time.

For both Executive and Career Coaching BlueFire HR utilizes the PREP™ Profile integrated profile system to help assess, understand, and manage current and prospective client strengths and areas of opportunity. The first session is free along with the PREP™ profile to help outline specific outcomes each client wants to address. More description of each service can be found below.

Executive Coaching
Do you feel your managers and leadership need more support with management, panache, and getting results? Do you want your leaders to flourish – resulting in tremendous results for the company? BlueFire HR Executive Coaching may be the best solution for you. Certified in Professional Coaching, this BlueFire HR solution will create plans to help you OR your leadership in any area. Maybe communication skills or management style is an issue area – BlueFire HR can help. Each hour-long session can be tailored to individual needs with prescribed outcomes. Pricing – 3 one-hour sessions at $379 or 6 one hour sessions at $767. Remember the first session and PREP™ profile is free!

Career Planning
As an individual, whether you need a resume re-do or simply guidance on how to start your career search, BlueFire HR can help you see the light. BlueFire HR helps you to outline ways to search; evaluates and updates your resume; helps you make the right connections; prepares you for interviewing; helps you to land that ideal job; and everything in between. Pricing – 3 one-hour sessions at $379 or 6 one hour sessions at $767. Remember the first session and PREP™ profile is free!

Please call or email BlueFire HR 773-793-1362 or snelson@bluefirehr.com.