Harassment Investigations and Training – Are they a priority?

Clearly Workplace Harassment and Bullying is a hot topic right now, but are you doing everything you can to aid your employees to creating a respectful workplace? Do you have investigation protocol or simply a third party investigator to call to assist you? Do your employees know who to turn to when they are put in an … More Harassment Investigations and Training – Are they a priority?

Effective Onboarding – Focus on the Experience

What makes for effective employee onboarding? Onboarding is a prime opportunity for employers to win over new employees yet many employers overwhelm new hires with a bundle of forms and policies to sign instead of using this time to create a strong bond. It’s about the experience not the paperwork! Effective onboarding practices are critical … More Effective Onboarding – Focus on the Experience

The New I-9 Is Here

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has published the newest version of the Form I-9. The form, used to verify employment eligibility, will be mandatory beginning September 18, 2017. This new form has a revision date of 07/17/17 N which is shown at the bottom of each page on the form. The current storage and … More The New I-9 Is Here

BlueFire HR Welcomes Nicole Golfieri, our new Business Development Director

BlueFire HR consulting LLC is pleased to announce that Nicole Golfieri has joined our team.  Nicole is joining BlueFire HR as our Business Development Director where she will be responsible for the management of strategic and operational Marketing, Business Development, and Customer Relationship activities.  Nicole brings over 10 years of HR experience to BlueFire HR … More BlueFire HR Welcomes Nicole Golfieri, our new Business Development Director

Marketing Yourself

You need to market yourself as “you”. “You” is the best version of yourself. Yes, you may have flaws and weaknesses, but “you” don’t. You need to think of yourself as a better than average worker who can accomplish anything with ease is almost superhuman. The job market is extremely competitive, and marketing yourself in … More Marketing Yourself

Knock-Out 2016

As all of us are ramping up for 2016, it is important take a sigh of relief for a job well done. Just for a second allow yourself to acknowledge the things you got done in 2015 and remind yourself how you felt when it might not be doable but you did it…way to go! … More Knock-Out 2016

Dynamic Workspaces

  Dynamic Workspaces…the key to employee engagement. Have you ever thought about changing things up a bit in the workplace? Too often we are tied into the traditional 8-5pm atmosphere. It is about time to shake things up and let employees decide what will work for them. Obviously we need to ensure your organization is … More Dynamic Workspaces