Why The Right Leaders Can Make or Break Employee Motivation

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Developing and retaining employee motivation can be challenging. While many factors need to be considered to attain it, one of the foundations of successful employee motivation is having the right leader in your organization. Question is, what does it mean to be the right leader? What traits or qualities should this type of leader have? Fast Company believes that good leaders understand what motivates people and can adjust their management accordingly.

Today, we’ll be looking at leadership behaviors and patterns that can help or hamper employee motivation.

Providing resources

Good leaders understand that for your employees to do an exceptional job, you have to give them the proper resources to do so. Inc. reports that regularly asking your employees what they need to make their job better is a simple yet effective tool. It’s not surprising to hear that unassuming things such as access to information, better office equipment, and a proper workspace are factors that immediately affect the quality of your team’s output. Knowing that the management listens to their needs and immediately takes action to give them the right work environment is a big motivation for employees.

On the other hand, disregarding or putting off these seemingly minor adjustments is a big blow to a team’s morale. Having your employees work in a cramped office or without the right office equipment can easily lead to resentment and lack of motivation.

Performance motivation

Executive coach Christine Comaford discussed the importance of creating an environment where your employees feel they have a bigger role in the team. Any manager can bark orders at their employees, but a good leader knows how to trust their staff and properly delegate tasks. In giving opportunities for your employees to take on big responsibilities, you’re showing them that you trust their skills. Motivation happens when employees are able to solve their own problems and take charge of their roles.

The opposite of performance motivation is micro-managing your staff. Bosses who are often hovering over employees aren’t giving their staff the independence and trust they need to thrive. Micro-managers leave their staff feeling both flustered and questioning their capabilities. These workers won’t be motivated to work if they know you don’t trust their judgement.

Dealing with disruptive technologies

Increasing employee motivation today entails finding leaders who know how to work with and around the disruptive new technologies being used in the business world. Maryville University highlights a growing demand for specialists who can help with organizational change ushered in by remote work and tech-driven employee training methods. Much of this is due to the emerging technological advances such as social media and e-learning which is changing how companies operate. Good leaders are able to use new technology to create a stronger work ethic that embraces digital platforms.

Employee engagement

Blue Fire HR defines employee engagement as the level of commitment an employee has to the organization they are working in. It’s how invested they are in the company’s goals and how aligned the vision of the organization is to their own. There are strong links between high employee engagement and high employee motivation, so it’s essential for leaders to know how to properly engage their employees. To achieve this, leaders need to effectively communicate the company strategy and goals to their team. They also need to have regular one-on-one discussions with their employees to understand what their personal goals are and how they work alongside the organization’s. Furthermore, managers need to be able to recognize and praise their employees when their performance furthers the company’s objectives. It is these simple measures that can help with an employee’s motivation.

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