Recruiting In a Candidate Market

The labor market is getting tighter every day with the average time to fill now a whopping 42-68 days and costing a staggering 6-9 months salary in recruiting and training costs.

How does your company compare and what can you do to shorten this time? BlueFire HR is expanding our retained search services. We are pleased to announce that Toby Lund has joined the BlueFire HR team as Sr. Recruiter. Toby has an extensive background in full cycle recruiting using a highly targeted approach that zeros in on candidates with the best fit for your company.

Using our retained search is a cost effective and highly efficient solution to your hiring needs. With our vast network, we will ensure your talent is a perfect fit for the culture, the team and the position.

  • Targeted Search – seeking those candidates that are interested, qualified, and worth your consideration.
  • In-depth interviews and evaluations – BlueFire HR conducts in-depth evaluations of qualified candidates ensuring their credentials, cultural compatibility and behavioral assessments yield only the most qualified candidates.
  • Confidentiality – on the occasion we need to keep your search confidential due to your internal changes we can work completely anonymously on your behalf.
  • Efficient Time Management – with BlueFire HR’s extensive network and years of talent acquisition experience we only present top candidates that you will want to interview.

Hiring for fit is a key step in successfully integrating a new employee into your company.

Reach out today and see how we can help! For more information, please contact us at, 773-793-1362 or at 888-892-9597.

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