Setting a Talent Acquisition and Talent Retention Strategy

How ready are you to attract new employees to your organization or better yet retain your employees?

Talent is key to the success of any organization. Talent Acquisition is an ongoing strategy that focuses on long-term human resources planning.

2018 is off to a great start – for job seekers that is! U.S. employers added 200,000 new jobs in January according to a new government report. In addition to lowered unemployment rates creating a smaller pool of active candidates, wages are expected to increase after several years of post-recession stagnation which in turn could lead to an increase in passive candidates jumping ship for higher wages. Are you ready to compete?

In this first in a series of blogs we will explore key steps to developing a more effective talent acquisition and talent retention strategy.

  • Branding  – If you don’t already have an attractive career website, build one! Use your site to promote what makes you special. Convey this message through all your marketing materials and social media channels to create an image of what it’s like to work for your company – this will attract candidates who are a better fit leading to shorter hiring times and greater retention.
  • Employee Referrals – Employee referrals are a great source for candidates and every employee should be a recruiter for the company. Offer a meaningful  incentive for referrals to make it worth their time.
  • Compensation – be competitive and transparent about what you have to offer. Being transparent about your total rewards and compensation package early on means less time spent on candidates that may ultimately decline your offer. Focus on what makes your company special, it could be the benefits including flexibility, free snacks or an eco-friendly workspace.
  • Be flexible with schedules and needs – the gig economy is booming and its estimated that about 34% of the current workforce are engaged in some form of gig or part-time work. Consider hiring part time workers to fill your needs and embrace flexibility.
  • Networking – develop relationships with potential new hires even before they become candidates – it all comes back to branding! Create effective networks where candidates can learn about your company and how they can make a difference.

BlueFire HR can develop custom Talent Acquisition programs and strategies designed to meet your business needs. Reach out today and see how we can help! For more information, please contact us at, 773-793-1362 or at 888-892-9597.


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