Effective Onboarding – Focus on the Experience

What makes for effective employee onboarding? Onboarding is a prime opportunity for employers to win over new employees yet many employers overwhelm new hires with a bundle of forms and policies to sign instead of using this time to create a strong bond. It’s about the experience not the paperwork!

Effective onboarding practices are critical to setting up new employees for success and are an extension of the recruitment and selection process. Most companies spend significant resources on recruiting that perfect candidate and minimal time on how to convert that perfect candidate into a successful and engaged employee.

Onboarding is the bridge between finding exceptional talent and keeping it. Designing an onboarding process or program that drives retention and performance is the first step in a journey that can take weeks and sometimes even months. Focus on the experience.

A successful onboarding program consists of several steps:

Pre- Arrival – ensuring the new hire has all the basics to get started – computer, phone, office supplies or a welcome gift such as a company t-shirt or branded products.

First Two Weeks – get the new hire acclimated to the organization, explain the main responsibilities, the performance expectations and how their role fits in within the company. Coordinate a lunch with other team members so the new hire can see how their career goals fit in with the company’s vision.

First 45 Days – training; ensure your new hire is empowered with the training and tools they need to be successful. While it’s important to get your new hire ramped up quickly, it can be a lot to take in so make sure it’s in easy to manage chunks. Assigning a mentor can make it easier!

First 6 Months to 1 Year– focus on culture and connection; goal-setting; invest in career development. Recognition and rewards show employees that their work is valued; employee recognition is one of the biggest factors in motivating and retaining people.

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