Month: July 2017


Getting Answers to Your HR Questions

HR professionals manage the human capital of an organization and focus on implementing policies and processes. Questions regarding government regulations arise frequently and searching for the answers can take up valuable time. For instance, determining the minimum wage your business is required, by law, to pay can be confusing. The wage can vary not just state to ...

BlueFire HR Welcomes Nicole Golfieri, our new Business Development Director

BlueFire HR consulting LLC is pleased to announce that Nicole Golfieri has joined our team.  Nicole is joining BlueFire HR as our Business Development Director where she will be responsible for the management of strategic and operational Marketing, Business Development, and Customer Relationship activities.  Nicole brings over 10 years of HR experience to BlueFire HR ...


A Look at Both Sides of the Performance Improvement Plan

  Are Performance Improvement Plans useful?  A widely held belief is that the underlying purpose of a Performance Improvement Plan is to begin the documentation process toward termination.  This might be the case.  But it may not be. Employers spend considerable time and money searching for a candidate and even more time and money training ...