The Power of Great Teams

Creating a cohesive team is important in the workplace. If not all members of the team are on the same page, the work that needs to get done can be misinterpreted and cause confusion. Even if members of the team have been at the company for an extended period of time, it is still important to create new activities and situations for the team to bond.

When someone says there will be a “team-building” activity in the office, some people roll their eyes, having thought of past activities that they had to do. Many people’s experience with team-building activities are from school or a sports team where the activity is something along the lines of ‘share your greatest fear’ or ‘something no one knows about you’. These types of team-building activities don’t create a great team. Team members want to feel valued, and want activities where they can actually bond with other team members.

Generally getting a team to focus on a common goal is ideal to bond a team. Whether a large project where everyone has a part in achieving the common goal or simply hitting budget numbers – this bonds a team. In order to get a team to focus on this goal it is important to host a team-building day where all voices are heard, roles are outlined and understood, and finally all of you find a solution to the project at hand. Once a team gets through and accomplishes the project whether large are small they start to bond and forge an identify as a team.

Great team-work fosters creativity and learning. Not everyone has the same thought process or will come up with the same solution to a problem. Being able to discuss an issue with your team will help create new solutions and a different ways of combating the problem. Opening up to your teams builds trust within everyone, knowing you are all working together for a common goal.

Keep in mind that some of the best teams have both extroverts and introverts. Diversity in thought to a team is ideal to finding the best solutions. Many people have different personalities and each personality is essential to the success of the team. Introverts are observant of their surroundings and tend to process things more in their heads. They sometimes notice a small detail that an extrovert may not. Extroverts are great for generating ideas and discussions because they are open. Both introverts and extroverts benefit from each other in a team setting and help the team succeed.

One common method BlueFire HR uses is what we call “dotology”, this is a lean method that allows all voices to be heard, fosters creativity, and streamlines the process or method to creating a solution. This is also great for strategic planning, project planning, and goal setting. Call us to try it out.

If you are mid-year and there has been a variety of changes that have been made to the team, an easy team-building activity, is to simply plan a team lunch. Team lunches are a good way to get a break from the office during the work day, but also a way to get to know each other out of the office. The same goes for team happy hours or after hour activities. It is a way to speak about work or anything the team wants, but to connect on a different level than in the office. Volunteering is also an important way to bond a great team. Giving back to your community is an activity your employees can be proud of and can continue outside of the workplace.

Each team is different, but making sure everyone has a voice is the most important part to creating a great team. Many successful companies and leaders would not be where they are today if it weren’t for the power of great teams. Similar to a sports team, there isn’t one person who ensures the success of a team. In baseball for example, having an amazing pitcher will help with your success, but if the team can’t field or bat, then the team isn’t going very far in the season. Everyone needs to work together, even the players on the bench, to ensure the success of their team.

Laura Nelson, LEED GA – Business Analyst

BlueFire HR


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