Are You Ready for a Change?

Are you wondering if you need to make a change? Is your career not giving you that zest anymore? Are you dragging yourself out of bed each day dreading going to work? Maybe it is time you ask yourself, “Where do I want to go?” …. But what on earth do you do first?

First step is to ask yourself, “What does my ideal job look like?” Everything, from what time you want to start, if you want work from home privileges, and even what your ideal team looks like or even the culture? Many of us stay in the same industries, but try to think out of the box and ask yourself, “Can my skills translate to another industry and does that seem like something that will meet my needs?”

It doesn’t mean you are a failure because you want to try something new. Think of ‘Goldie Locks and the Three Bears’. It took her several tries to make anything work and she did find what satisfied her in the end. Companies changes, you change, your priorities change, and sometimes we need so take that leap of faith.

If you are thinking about making a change start by answering these following questions:

Do I like what I am doing?

Do I want to stay in the same location? Or do I want something closer to home?

Am I willing to relocate?

Do I want to make a complete career change?

Do I still like my industry?

Once you start to answer those questions create a list of three to five people that have made changes, are in your career, and/or in the career that you might love. Ask them what they like about their jobs, what you should consider, and anything that will help you create clarity on what your next move might be.

Over the next month we will be covering what you need to do next. Give yourself time on this is journey that will help get you to more happiness.

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