Small Businesses Don’t Need HR…Right?

As a small business we know you don’t know human resources (HR), but do you need someone to discuss employee relations issues, operational decisions that impact staff, or simply need some direction from an executive coach.

Running a small business, myself, no – we don’t have HR, but from time-to-time I need to put my HR hat on to ensure I am making the right decisions that may impact the staff. At times, what some of my clients call “operational counseling” – we all need an independent person to run ideas past before executing, an executive coach maybe – BlueFire HR is that place. For example, do you have written policies in place about taking time-off, clocking hours, and harassment… all three are a must. Do you have the right employment posters posted in the breakroom as a part of state and federal employment laws? Do you know if you are deducting the right amount of taxes even with a state of the art payroll system in place? Do you know if your employees exemplify “customer excellence” and are ensuring that your customers are returning because of their phenomenal experience? Do you realize an engaged employee has a direct impact to the success of the bottom line?

Whether it is a payroll decision, performance issues, a risk assessment, even though you don’t need HR you need to make you are doing everything correctly. Set-up a call with a BlueFire HR Consultant to hear more about how we can help you.

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