Importance of Coaching

Being a longtime advocate of coaching I have found it to be quite valuable. In many respects I feel it has given me the tools to accomplish so much more at a faster pace.

In my career, coaching has brought perspective and insight that I would have never received from a mentor, friend, or superior. It has allowed me to more reflective about my choices and in many ways helped me to be a better leader. I have valued the need for a coach whether in business or in competitive sports. At times both create the possibility for negative thoughts to get in the way due the tremendous amount pressure, a coach can help to give direction and remove obstacles in both arenas.

Being a woman in business the road has never been easy. I have had so many colleagues that have run into the “boys-club”, the “unbearable boss” and it is hard to find tools in order to navigate those intense waters. Having a coach gave me the opportunity to be honest about the situation and see a solution without emotion in several circumstances.

I challenge each of you to think about exploring coaching for your career. What you should expect from coaching is the following:

  • Insight
  • Perspective
  • Ability to reflect objectively on decisions.

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