Dynamic Workspaces


Dynamic Workspaces…the key to employee engagement.

Have you ever thought about changing things up a bit in the workplace? Too often we are tied into the traditional 8-5pm atmosphere. It is about time to shake things up and let employees decide what will work for them.

Obviously we need to ensure your organization is still meeting business needs, but what if we thought about it differently? Letting employees propose their start times, or possible if their desk is standing, they use a ball or simply move their area into an office with a colleague. What if we left it up to them to find a solution that will allow them to be more impactful in their work-output?

Even if your organization doesn’t have it yet – what about allowing employees to work remotely from time-to-time or consistently for a day or two on a weekly basis? You will need to put parameters in place and only allow it when it makes sense for his/her position, but it may improve employee engagement dramatically.

It is all about engagement. BlueFire HR wants to ensure we are getting the maximum out of your investment in human capital so feel free to engage BlueFire HR with innovative workspace solutions and/or engagement initiatives.

Stephanie H. Nelson, MBA, CHHR

BlueFire HR Consulting



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