Small Businesses Don’t Need HR…Right?

As a small business we know you don’t know human resources (HR), but do you need someone to discuss employee relations issues, operational decisions that impact staff, or simply need some direction from an executive coach.

Running a small business, myself, no – we don’t have HR, but from time-to-time I need to put my HR hat on to ensure I am making the right decisions that may impact the staff. At times, what some of my clients call “operational counseling” – we all need an independent person to run ideas past before executing, an executive coach maybe – BlueFire HR is that place. For example, do you have written policies in place about taking time-off, clocking hours, and harassment… all three are a must. Do you have the right employment posters posted in the breakroom as a part of state and federal employment laws? Do you know if you are deducting the right amount of taxes even with a state of the art payroll system in place? Do you know if your employees exemplify “customer excellence” and are ensuring that your customers are returning because of their phenomenal experience? Do you realize an engaged employee has a direct impact to the success of the bottom line?

Whether it is a payroll decision, performance issues, a risk assessment, even though you don’t need HR you need to make you are doing everything correctly. Set-up a call with a BlueFire HR Consultant to hear more about how we can help you.

Importance of Coaching

Being a longtime advocate of coaching I have found it to be quite valuable. In many respects I feel it has given me the tools to accomplish so much more at a faster pace.

In my career, coaching has brought perspective and insight that I would have never received from a mentor, friend, or superior. It has allowed me to more reflective about my choices and in many ways helped me to be a better leader. I have valued the need for a coach whether in business or in competitive sports. At times both create the possibility for negative thoughts to get in the way due the tremendous amount pressure, a coach can help to give direction and remove obstacles in both arenas.

Being a woman in business the road has never been easy. I have had so many colleagues that have run into the “boys-club”, the “unbearable boss” and it is hard to find tools in order to navigate those intense waters. Having a coach gave me the opportunity to be honest about the situation and see a solution without emotion in several circumstances.

I challenge each of you to think about exploring coaching for your career. What you should expect from coaching is the following:

  • Insight
  • Perspective
  • Ability to reflect objectively on decisions.

If interested in executive coaching, feel free to reach out to BlueFire HR for more information at


Knock-Out 2016

As all of us are ramping up for 2016, it is important take a sigh of relief for a job well done. Just for a second allow yourself to acknowledge the things you got done in 2015 and remind yourself how you felt when it might not be doable but you did it…way to go! Now if you were able to tackle those things that seems impossible what will 2016 have in store for you?

As we end BlueFire HR’s first year we thought it would be nice to recap the trends and requests we saw with our clients, mentors, mentees, and our partners.

  • Interim HR (OnCall HR) – From time-to-time interim HR services are needed to keep a company going with a departure of a leader or simply as companies are being overhauled. BlueFire HR was there to help those clients in need with interim services and to help get them to the next level.
  • Performance Management – BlueFire HR loves to inspire and motivate through formal performance management processes. We were truly enthralled when we were able to revamp and train a variety of different clients with customized HR performance management plans. We loved this for it gave us an opportunity to inspire.
  • Investigations – BlueFire HR had a plethora of clients that needed help with investigations. Whether dealing with bullying, harassment, or simply communication issues, BlueFire HR likes to help remedy any situation. We were honored to be tapped as such partners.
  • Talent Acquisition – BlueFire HR has worked with a number of clients to get their talent acquisition strategy and processes in place. We want to ensure that you are doing all you can do to find and retain those candidates you are excited to have you on your team. Try us out this year.
  • Coaching – There was a vast number of you would needing coaching, whether moving into new roles, preparing for your next career adventure, or simply a request from leadership. We saw great growth in so many people and are excited to see what 2016 brings for all of them.
  • Overall HR Operations – Frequently BlueFire HR has requests for HR audits and overhauls of HR operations and/or processes. You may have a great innovative HR team, but sometimes it is nice for someone to review it and make recommendations. We can all improve and learn every day.
  • Team Building – BlueFire HR was honored to facilitate a variety of team building workshops. We pride ourselves on motivating employees and finding their passion within their existing companies. Whether strategic planning and planning sessions, communication, or simply working better together – we loved every second.

The fields that BlueFire HR serves are Healthcare and Long-Term Care Facilities, Non-Profits, Technology, Start-ups, Venture Capital, manufacturing facilities, and many more. All had one thing in common they were looking to maximize their investment in human capital. We love our clients and were honored to help each and every one we could.

It is always important that we acknowledge our vast number of business partners that we have connected with and look forward to continue working with. Whether referring business to or working on a project together. We truly love the comradery and will continue developing those fabulous partnerships.

So what is on-tap for 2016? We will continue our year of growth in our knowledge and our network. We hope we can help you in 2016.

Dynamic Workspaces


Dynamic Workspaces…the key to employee engagement.

Have you ever thought about changing things up a bit in the workplace? Too often we are tied into the traditional 8-5pm atmosphere. It is about time to shake things up and let employees decide what will work for them.

Obviously we need to ensure your organization is still meeting business needs, but what if we thought about it differently? Letting employees propose their start times, or possible if their desk is standing, they use a ball or simply move their area into an office with a colleague. What if we left it up to them to find a solution that will allow them to be more impactful in their work-output?

Even if your organization doesn’t have it yet – what about allowing employees to work remotely from time-to-time or consistently for a day or two on a weekly basis? You will need to put parameters in place and only allow it when it makes sense for his/her position, but it may improve employee engagement dramatically.

It is all about engagement. BlueFire HR wants to ensure we are getting the maximum out of your investment in human capital so feel free to engage BlueFire HR with innovative workspace solutions and/or engagement initiatives.

Stephanie H. Nelson, MBA, CHHR

BlueFire HR Consulting


Engage Your Employees

Over the years I have found one thing consistent with regard to engaged employees…everyone needs direction. As we start 2016 it is important that employees know where they are going and how they are going to get there. Whether establishing goals through a formal performance process or simply meeting with your direct reports to help them outline what they should be focusing on in 2016 is a must.

Try getting this done this week and start this year off right.